Little Miss Risk

Snake Handler / Sideshow / Stunt Artist / Actor

EMAIL: littlemissrisk @

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Burns The Dragon

Snake Handler / Sideshow / Circus / Stunt Artist

EMAIL: burns_the_dragon @

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Faye Havoc

Simply the best!

For many years, Faye Havoc has been working with, and enthralled by, snakes; whether in handling them, dancing with them, caring for them, or educating about them, Faye's love and passion for these stunning creatures is evident, and runs deep. An award-winning burlesque and vadueville performer in her own right, Faye creates stunning solo and group choreographies designed especially for snakes and their human companions. As a professional stage costumer, Faye brings high fashion, glamour, and whimsy to every appearance. Faye loves teaching others how to interact with, appreciate, and respect our beautiful serpentine friends.