The Story

Let me take you on a walk and give you an impression of this special experience.




Lady Lovely, the savage beauty will welcome you upon arrival.


When you enter our village, it’s up to you where to look or go first.


So many things to explore…


But don’t worry, our team will guide you through the night.


At certain times, doors will open and close again.


Take a glimpse in the kitchens of the top chefs while they’re preparing a special dish for you.


Go and dine in your favorite restaurant or lounge room.


While you’re enjoying the menu, every plate in a different


area if you wish, a whole parade of artists will perform for you…


From ”The gladiators” to “The dragon geisha”, they all have made a dazzling act especially for this event.


When all your senses are filled with delights, time has come to say goodbye and wonder… was this real or


was it a dream ?

The Caravan

The Spectacle

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